350.org organizes mass amounts of people to act against new coal, oil, and gas projects. With a network that extends to 188 countries, 350.org has no shortage of citizens committed to looking for clean energy solutions that will halt the heating of the planet. The organization derives it's name from what is typically regarded as the upper limit of what the earth can handle: 350 parts per million (ppm) of carbon in the atmosphere. Thus, it's three primary goals revolve around carbon: keep it in the ground, build an equitable zero-carbon economy, and pressure the government into limiting emissions. To accomplish these goals, it pushes mass collaboration in the name of climate justice, participating in dozens of marches and movements annually.


As detailed in this section of its website, the organization's goals are three-fold:

1. Keep carbon in the ground.

2. Help build a new, more equitable zero-carbon economy.

3. Pressure governments into limiting emissions.

They aim to accomplish these three noble pursuits with grassroots organizing, social media campaigns, and mass public actions that target the fossil fuel industry.


Fossil fuel companies, national governments