DxE is an international grassroots network of animal rights activists who use non-violent direction action tactics to further animal rights. Their tactics include open rescue of animals from farms, protests, and community engagement. They believe in both "total animal liberation" as well as "species equality". 





The goals of DxE is to

- mobilize activists worldwide

-  revolutionize public opinion

- transform politics

They do this through mass protests, open rescue, and community building in order to promote animal liberation. 


DxE has received criticism from all of the stores and restaurants  they have targeted (including Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Norbest) as well as non-vegan consumers. They have also received criticism from the Independent Journal Review which has called their protest tactics bullying. Certified Humane has even said in an email to the Washington Post that "DxE is attempting to undermine consumer confidence in products which are in fact ethically produced and businesses working in good faith to reinvigorate a very desirable traditional business model".