Food & Water Watch is a nongovernmental organization that advocates for healthy food and clean water for all. With the intention to stand up against corporations that care more about profit than other people, Food & Water Watch advocates for a democracy that protects the environment and improves quality of human lives across the world. The organization acknowledges the inequalities present in our food, water, and energy systems and aims to build a movement with the political power to create a healthy future for future generations through democratic processes to allow all to access the resources they need.


Food & Water Watch have goals to rooted in independence, democracy, human rights, and sustainability. They wish to remain a public interest organization, independent of corporate and government influence. Engaging and mobilizing citizens through various manners is a strong goal as they believe political involvement is critical to hold people accountable to ensure a sustainable world with safe food and clean water. The organization has the political will to secure and strive for adequate nutrition and drinking water for all. Additionally, they hope to protect the quality of the environment while trying to achieve access to resources because a sustainability is important to future generations.


Corporations abusing power to privatize public resources, pollution, governments that enforce policies which do not hold corporations accountable, and a lack of penalties for prosecuted corporations. They are also fighting against factory farming, global trade, GMOs, and fracking.