In the Fall of 2005, 12 members of the Energy and Environment Program at Public Citizen created Food & Water Watch. The group first had the intention to create a grassroots movement with the power to protect our resources, and with the support of donors, foundations, and members, the organization has grown to more than 100 staff members. Food & Water Watch has offices across the country and, with the help of supporters and activists, in the last 10 years has achieved accomplishments spanning from helping allies in Europe to convince others to vote in favor of a moratorium on fracking to organizing communities across the country to stop the corporate takeover of public water systems. 


Wenonah Hauter is the founder and executive director of Food & Water Watch. She has three decades of experience with campaigning and writing on environmental issues relating to food, water, and energy. She trains and mentors organizers and activists around the country and has experience working at both state and local levels to develop policy and legislative strategies to secure accomplishments for communities and the environment across the country. The staff that comprise the team span across the country, in Latin America, and the European Union in offices to work closely with grassroots groups. They are wildly experienced. Membership is a core value of Food & Water Watch as well as individual donors and foundations that hold similar agendas. The organization takes no money from corporations or governments.