The MeToo group works to bring to attention the different institutions that allow sexual harassment to flourish. By exposing these institutions, the groups hopes that sexual harassment, particularly in the workplace, is diminished.

Communication Strategy

Because this is not a formally organized group, much of their communication occurs through social media and mass media. Local organizers of marches/rallies will have meetings to discuss strategies. Tarana Burke and her personal organizations use face-to-face communication to lobby for policy change in Congress and in the workplace.

Created New Spaces

This group has created both physical and imaginary spaces. First, through the work of the activists, women's centers have been created where sexual assault survivors may go and get the resources they need to heal. Second, through the use of social media, women can find support groups and create connections with other women who have had similar experiences and can share their stories.

Here are some links to some women's centers that have received an increase in the number of women coming for their services post-#MeToo:; crisis centers such as;; and many other local rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, and women's organizations

Incorporated Cultural Forms

A prominent cultural form this group has taken is through music. Kesha, a musician and sexual assualt survivor herself, performed her song "Praying" at the 2018 Grammys, alongside other activists for #MeToo.