North Carolinians Against Gun Violence is a non-profit organization created 25 years ago following the death of a jogger who was shot and killed in Chapel Hill, NC. The group educates families and schools on gun safety procedures and gun violence prevention. Direct involvement with community leaders and public officials helps spread the message and gain involvement across the state. 

Activists participating in a peaceful vigil following the Parkland shooting. Source: ncgv.org

NCGV advocates approaches that address prevention, focusing on the underlying causes of gun violence, and punishment, dealing with the perpetrators of gun violence in the criminal justice system. NCGV endorses measures that deal with the underlying reasons for violence, such as poverty, lack of jobs, family breakdown, alcohol and drug abuse, anger and despair, and the glorification of violence in the media. NCGV endorses measures to rehabilitate young, potentially dangerous offenders, to keep abusive spouses from possessing guns, and to remove violent, gun-wielding criminals from society. One of the group's most urgent focuses is movement-wide, urging Congress to ban military style assault weapons

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