Scholarism was a pro-democracy student activist group that fought for reform to Hong Kong's educational curriculum and political policy. It was founded May 29, 2011. It was reported to have around 200 members in May 2015. However, Scholarism was dissolved on March 2016 to merge together to form a political party called Demosistō. Demosistō takes many, if not all, of the beliefs and ideals Scholarism sought to enact. Demosistō was established on April 10, 2016 and is led by Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, Nathan Law, and Oscar Lai. The Demosistō Facebook page currently has over 55,000 likes. Most of the leaders express their beliefs over social media to their followers. Their Facebook pages campaign for their pro-democratic ideas. Nathan Law, Joshua Wong, and Agnes Chow Ting

  • Advocates for a referendum in 2047 to determine Hong Kong's sovereignty since 2047 is when the "One Country, Two Systems" policy is supposed to expire
  • An established petition system which provides a place for residents to have direct political discussions and to form their own proposals of political changes through a bottom-up approach
  • Wants Hong Kong to be liberated from the rule of Communist Party of China 
  • Fights for Hong Kong people to have the right of self-determination
  • Hong Kong history should be objectively and fairly taught to the public and the education system
  • Protection for sexual minorities, youth in society, racial minorities, and those who need protection
  • Aims to organize a "Charter of Hong Kong" which would have a self-governing constitution and new socio-political order for the city 
  • Chinese Central Government
  • Pro-Beijing officials in the Hong Kong Government
  • Communists