The Umbrella Movement occurred during 2014 in Hong Kong. Some of the main groups that led the movement were Scholarism and Occupy Central with Love and Peace. Because of an electoral reform decision made by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in China, thousands of activists participated in protests that began in September 2014. Activists in Hong Kong called for "real universal suffrage" that the People's Republic of China had promised them for their election of the Chief Executive. The decision would allow a 1,200 member committee in China to vet and nominate 2 to 3 candidates for the Chief Executive position before then eligible voters would be able to cast their votes for Chief Executive. Activists saw this nomination system as a restrictive method and claimed that China was not granting voters in Hong Kong "true universal suffrage". 

  • Enact real, universal suffrage with free and fair elections
  • Retraction of the 2014 Standing Committee decision that would have all eligible voters choose from a pre-selected two or three candidates
  • Resignation of Leung Chun-ying, the current Chief Executive at the time but in 2017, was replaced by Carrie Lam